Hi, We are Nerdecal

As you can guess, we are Nerds, and we make Decals and stickers that are suitable for a car, laptop, wall or any other smooth surface, even for the bald head of Captain Picard.

Dark Side Edition Distressed decals set

Dark Side Edition Distressed Decal Set

$ 23.50
This Set is contains two identical stickers
  • Default size: 25" x 4.7" (63.5cm x 12cm)
  • the "EDITION" lettering can be excluded
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Stormtrooper Hood Decal

$ 24.99
Default sizes: 37" x 11" (95cm x 28.3cm)
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Stormtrooper Decal Set Black

Stormtrooper Decal Set

$ 34.50
  • Default size: 25" x 16" (63cm x 40cm)
  • This set contains one sticker for the left side of the car and one for the right (stormtrooper always looks forward)
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