Stickers made by Geeks and for Geeks

Before sending the order, we always take a photo of the complete set of goods. A lot of such photos have accumulated over the 5 years of our work... The background under this text is a collage from the last 120 orders of our customers

About Our Online Store

Now we have become more experienced, and have opened our own online store – to offer you the best quality product and service.

Nerdecal is a small Ukrainian workshop that has been producing vinyl stickers since 2015. We are nerds and pop culture is an integral part of our life, that’s why we approach our work very nerdy.

Here is a small piece of our history – a photo of our very first stickers “Come to the Jeep Side” and “it’s Bigger on the inside”. Yeah, these are our original designs.

    Baby Yoda on Board Sticker

Almost each our new sticker begins its journey from a sketch on paper.

Further, we elaborate on the design on the computer and create the projection of the sticker on the car, laptop or other object. Thus, we adjust the design of the sticker so that it is as harmonious as possible with any object on which it will be placed. So we get not just a sticker with Baby Yoda, but a really cool and stylish sticker with Baby Yoda.

Having extensive experience in graphic design, we can implement any of your ideas, design and visualize a sticker on an individual order

Our stickers are not just a piece of vinyl

This is emotions, this is the style, this is the opportunity to make your car more unique than your neighbor’s car, to make your thing even more your own, this is the ability to highlight yourself in traffic or complete your cosplay look.


We consider our customers to be our friends with whom we can simply chat about a new episode of Star Wars or speculate about Easter eggs in Rick and Morty. Yes, we are all different and scattered around the world, but all of us are united by a love of pop culture.